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Yuchuan Gou

Hey, my name is Yuchuan Gou, you can call me Tom.

Now I am pursing computer science master degree at University of Florida. Recently, I am working at UF/IFAS IT as a web developer, and I'm in a group of two building a mobile web app for Green Industry. I love Python, and I am intersted in some small projects in Javascript.

During my undergraduate education, I studied Information Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University . I have done researches on distributed system "Spark"at Intelligent Internet of Things (SJTU), conducting research on data mining , graph algorithm and community detection on Spark.
I have built a graph analysis system on Spark which containing graph average path length algorithm, clustering coefficient algorithm and link prediction. Also integrated with Python data processing module and Gephi graph visualization.

Besides, with using utilizing collaborative filtering in MLlib library, I built a recommending system on Spark. And it contains a basic web display by Python Flask framework.
I have experience of Android, Java Swing, MFC and embedded system development.

You can take a glance at my blog http://blog.tomgou.xyz/and github to know more about me. My resume is attached here.

Email: plain1994@gmail.com

"The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - Bertrand Russell

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Email: plain1994@gmail.com